Our Service Offering

SuperSport Rugby World Cup Experience 2015CAD DESIGN

Initial designs are done in Sketch Up. Client then have a choice to animate the design work or to have photo-real rendering done of the original Sketch Up designs. We also offer RHINO design which can be sent out for CNC cutting, machining or 3D printing. Sean is RHINO Level 2 certified.

Redd's Chill ChamberExperiential Marketing

Spacecraft have found a niche in experiential marketing and our clients have included Nike, SAB, Hamleys toys, PPC, Procter and Gamble and SuperSport, amongst others. In 2014 we won a gold Assegai at the integrated marketing awards for our Redds 5D experience container cinema. http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2015/01/28/5d-experience-travel-into-another-dimension

Team BestRenovations

SpaceCraft’s high standard in carpentry and metal work, as well as our design team, have allowed us to branch off into doing office renovations for the more funky office space. Our clients include: Team Best, The Fort integrated brand agent, Podium Comedy Merchants, Diprente TV productions and Inquisition.


Combine a wide variety of set components for a custom look according to the style you need . All available for rent at Space Craft.

How We Work With Clients

SpaceCraft usually receives a brief from our clients detailing the final end-needs of a project. At this point, if the scope and criteria are not well established, we brainstorm a concept with the client.

Once this is done, we do a preliminary mood board to establish the look and feel. After this is signed off by clients, we do a sketch in a 3D CAD program.

After the design is signed off we provide a quote and usually do a site visit at this point. As such, normally there is a redesign based on costs and site specifics.

After this, we get sign off and our deposit is paid.

Then, we begin technical drawings and material acquisitions. Manufacture begins and we like to update clients with photos after each facet of the fabrication process. This is essential and helps ensure that the final product meets the criteria of the design.

We transport the product to site using our vehicle fleet and do an installation. Then, we get final sign off and the show goes live! Once lighting is done we would do final touches.

SpaceCraft’s team then de-rig the set and take it to wherever the client would like it to go. We also offer a storage facility and will beat any written quote on this.