Redd’s Chill Chamber

The Redd’s Chill Chamber is an immersive 4D experiential journey through the Redd’s brewing process. The Chill Chamber was mobile, specifically designed to be used at various on-site outlets to give consumers an unusual escape from their normal experiences.

“All the senses were engaged — from icy gusts of wind and soft snowflakes used to portray the sub-zero filtration process to bubbles in the air depicting the cider’s effervescence and whiffs of a custom-designed apple scent to fully immerse the consumers. When the experience was over, consumers left with a clear reason to believe and were given a new Redd’s to complete their experience.”

SpaceCraft, in collaboration with 5D expert, Don Searll from Haptics, created this 5D experience for users to engage with the Redd’s brand and breathe new life into an age-old brand.


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