Gold Diggers

“Gold Diggers, an 8PM telenovela, is a story about an aging miner who enters the dark and dangerous world of illegal mining.

Patrick spends most of his life underground, while above ground his two feisty wives hold the family homestead together. He’s pressured to provide for his family and is forced to cross moral lines.

Gold Diggers aims to bring key issues affecting the South African working class to the fore. It explores the various dynamics of love, money, family feuds, debts and economically motivated relationships.

Patrick’s son also works in the mines and falls in love with a woman who belongs to someone else. He’s caught between helping his family and helping the woman he loves.”

Late last year (2015) we were contacted by art director, Charlette Coetzee, and Urban Brew. We were asked to build a mine for an upcoming TV show, Gold Diggers.

Thus started an incredible process which lead us to create some of the biggest sets made for South African TV in the last few years.

We eventually built an entire mining compound, a mine head, an underground tunnel, complete with a lift, as well as a squatter camp and mine hostels.


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